Q1.  When will I receive the rent payment?
A1. Payments will be made by direct deposit into your bank account on the 15th day of each month (unless the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday in which case payment will be made on the following business day).

Q2. What kind of statements do you provide?
A2. We provide monthly owner statements and a 1099 at the end of the year for tax purposes.

Q3. What is the process to start management service with HPM?
A3.  If owner and management agree to work together the following is a rough outline of the on-boarding process.
1. Owner provides all legal names on title for the property and rental address
2.  Management will provide owner with the contract to be signed
3. Owner will sign contract and provide copy of keys and start date.
4. Management will take pictures/video and start marketing (unless already occupied, etc.)
5. Management will send a list of items needed or recommended to ensure a smooth transition.

Q4. How does the leasing process work?
A4. The following is a rough outline of the leasing process
1. If home is not move in ready, HPM is available to help get the home ready
2. If home is ready for move in, HPM will begin marketing and showing the home
3. Tenants will apply and HPM with do a back ground check verifying income, credit (including eviction and criminal history), and rental history.
4. HPM will provide owner a summary of the findings and a recommendation
5. Owner will inform HPM of their decision to rent or not to rent to applicants based on fair housing standards and other required legal guidelines.

Q5. How do you handle maintenance requests?
A5. When a tenant informs us of a maintenance request, our normal process is to send a maintenance technician to the property to assess the situation.
1.  IF our maintenance technician perceives an emergency (i.e. danger, increasing damage if not stopped, etc.) THEN they will do what is necessary to prevent further damage or danger.
2. IF our maintenance technician can resolve the issue for less than $350, THEN they will resolve the issue.
3. IF our maintenance technician can not resolve the issue for less than $350, THEN they will do the minimum required to stop the flooding, danger, etc. and we will provide you an estimate to do the larger job that may be required.
4. IF we can determine the maintenance repair is the result of the tenants abuse or inappropriate use,  THEN tenant will be charged for the damage. Owner will be charged first and tenant will be charged as well to reimburse owner. Tenants will not be charged for damage if the damage is the result of normal wear and tear.
5. IF owner requests in writing not to participate in our maintenance program, THEN owner may elect to either be responsible for maintenance (after being notified each time by manager).
6. IF owner has HOME WARRANTY service and has made management aware in written (email preferred), THEN manager will work with HOME WARRANTY service first if request is covered by service.
7. IF maintenance employees are not able or available to perform service request, THEN request will be performed by outside vendor AT COST. There will be no mark up by management on price from vendor.